Vax Vacuum Bags - 5 Pack


VAX Commercial Backpack Bags can keep your vacuum cleaner functioning at peak performance. Designed to suit the VAX Commercial Back Pack VXCB-01, these quality vacuum accessories are sold in packs of 5, so you can stock up on plenty of replacement bags in one easy purchase.

To keep your bagged vacuum in the best possible shape, it’s essential to replace its bag on a regular basis. Using the same vacuum bag for too long can result in a loss of suction power, making it more difficult to pick up dust, dirt and other debris.

Built to last, these paper bags are tough enough to handle professional cleaning jobs, and are easy to replace and empty once full.

Take the hassle out of vacuum maintenance by purchasing VAX Commercial Backpack Bags today.
  • Easy to replace and empty for added convenience
  • Pack of five disposable dust bags
  • Can be used over several cleans to minimise bag replacement