Vax Air Purifier - Large


Suitable for rooms up to 28m2.

The Vax Air Purifier is ideal for creating a healthier environment in your home, perfect for smaller rooms up to 28m2., featuring a built in HEPA media filter. The Air Purifier effectively traps dust, smoke and pollen particles, featuring 3 variable speed setting and purification levels so you can adjust to suit your needs, as well as being ultra quiet when in use, so is great to use all over the home.

  • Draws in dirty air, cleans the air, releases clean, purified air
  • Used by allergy, asthma and hay fever sufferers
  • Air filtered through two different filters - for cleaner, more hygienic air
  • HEPA media filter - traps dirt, dust and pollen
  • Perfect for tight spaces - can stand horizontally or vertically
  • 3 fan speed settings - low, medium, high
  • Touch sensor buttons - for quick and easy activation
  • LED filter replacement indicator - for easy filter replacement
  • Timer function - for programmable cleaning duration