Vax Power 7 Pet Barrel Vacuum Cleaner


The Vax Power 7 Pet is the ultimate pet vacuum cleaner for busy families with furry friends. Featuring an antibacterial HEPA filter to reduce the growth of bacteria, the Power 7 Pet is designed to keep your home clean and comfortable.

  • Turbo brush for picking up pet hair from all kinds of surfaces, including your stairs, upholstery and even your car seats.
  • Cyclonic technology to separate and collect dust while maintaining reliable suction.
  • 4L dust container so you can vacuum more and empty it less.
  • Antibacterial HEPA filter to reduce the growth of bacteria and the presence of allergens and pet-related odours.
  • 2.5-metre hose length and 8.0-metre cord length gives you great reach around the house.
  • Lightweight build to make it easy to manoeuvre as you clean.