Vax Home Master Steam Cleaner


The Vax Home Master steam cleaner is ideal for steam cleaning a wide range of household surfaces, working on steam alone to achieve brilliantly clean results. Powerful jets of steam break down grease and grime, with a 16 piece accessory kit containing everything you need for total home cleaning.

  • The Home Master steam cleaner has everything you need for hygienic cleaning all around your home
  • It's ideal for total home cleaning without using detergents and chemicals
  • It's large tank capacity means you have enough steam to can clean floors and surfaces without the need to refill regularly
  • Powerful jets of steam help to break down stubborn grease and grime
  • Hygienic cleaning - the high temperature of the steam kills bacteria, dust mites and other allergens
  • Includes on board tools ideal for larger jobs such as cleaning upholstery, pet beds and ovens